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Family & Science Center

Besides the amazing Lineman actions, FREE & delicious foods & drinks, face painting, petting zoo & donkey rides, this year we'll have a NEW Family & Science Center with STEM & Clean Engergy activities, and a Wind Turbine Competition for kids & youths to inspire our next generations! They might want to be an engineer, programmer, scientist, etc. because of this. We provide the tools & materials. Here are the highlights:
  1. To Compete in Wind Turbine Design & Construction Compeition: By using recyclable materials like 2-liter soda bottles, we may make blades and glued them on used CD, which is mounted/clipped on to a CD player motor - the generator. Voltage is measured when the turbine is setup in front of a running 20" box fan. The Top 3 teams generate the most Clean Electricity will take home trophies like the wining lineman teams also. Here is the Event Rules

    Please help bring at least one Straight-body 2-liter soda bottle as descibed at this page, if possible. We try to provide it, but we don't know how many we need.

  2. To Build a FREE Mini Solar Car kits: kids will build their very own Clean Energy EV. The kit comes with everything they need, including a little screw driver. It's First-Come, First-Served basis as quantity is limited.
  3. To Build a FREE Walking Robot: with provided materials like geared motors, straws, toothpicks! Switch & battery are included. Yes, they'll learn about basic circuit too.
  4. To See Demos (maybe test drive) of Robotic Arms, Simplest Motor that anyone can make, and maybe Smart Cars will join the show.

Thank you, to all of the vendors, who have participated in the past, your participation is very important to the Rodeo. It gives you, the
vendors, the chance to meet with the people who use your products and at the same time it gives the users of your
products the opportunity to give you feedback on tools and products. The Rodeo is advertised and
open to the utilities in California and all those who are willing to travel; which also
gives you the opportunity to meet and make new contacts.