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General Information

All rodeo participants will be required to remain belted to the pole from ground to ground in every event. This not only reflects DWP policies but an industry trend toward increased Climbing safety.

On each event, the contestants must belt-off prior to gaffing with both feet in the pole. Once belted, the contestants may then climb in any manner comfortable to them. When a climber approaches an obstacle they must climb past, a second positioning strap must be used. The climber must secure the second positioning strap before un-clipping the first positioning strap. Contestants must have at least one foot on the ground prior to un-belting at the base of the pole. Additional positioning straps will be provided at all events that require double belting. Climbers may use their own positioning straps if they so choose, provided they have been approved for use by the LADWP safety section. Failure to follow these climbing guidelines will result in a two point deduction for each occurrence. We thank you for your cooperation and participation, and look forward to seeing you at the competition.

The LADWP Lineman’s Rodeo Committee


Los Angeles Department of Water & Power - Thanks to David Wright, General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power for his support

IBEW Local 18 - Thanks to Brian D’Arcy, Business Manager of IBEW Local 18 for his continued support

2016 Vendors

  1. TE Connectivity Tyco
  2. OneSource
  3. Buckingham
  4. West Coast Utility Solutions
  5. Altec
  6. American Innotek
  7. Young & Company
  8. Bill Haines, Slim the Lineman
  9. Zero Base
  10. Utility Composite Solutions
  11. American Poly Water
  12. Sensorlink
  13. McAvoy & Markham
  14. Lift-it
  15. Capital Safety
  16. Alexander Publications
  17. Burndy
  18. Richards Mfg.
  19. Aflac
  20. Howard Lighting
  21. Burlington
  22. All Mighty Green
  23. California Turbo
  24. Pure Filter Solutions
  25. Mersen-Nelson & Associates
  26. 3M
  27. Fluke
  28. Impact Power
  29. Thomas & Betts
  30. Safe-T-Climb
  31. Wesco
  32. Protective Industrial Products
  33. Pro Tools & Equipment
  34. Farwest
  35. Fallen Linemen
  36. Carhartt
  37. Tyndale
  38. Greenlee
  39. Pacific Sales
  40. Milwaukee
  41. Expressions in Glass
  42. Global Environmental Network
  43. Shamrock Supply
  44. 3D Internet
  45. LADWP Credit Union
  46. Power Line Designs
  47. Almetek
  48. Riverside
  49. Maydwell Hartzell – Cordick
  50. Hilti
  51. FLIR Systems
  52. Preferred Sales
  53. National Sisterhood United of Journeymen Linemen
  54. Megger
  55. Dewalt
  56. Proto
  57. Utility Safety Technologies
  58. Pacific Power Reps

Thank you, to all of the vendors, who have participated in the past, your participation is very important to the Rodeo. It gives you, the
vendors, the chance to meet with the people who use your products and at the same time it gives the users of your
products the opportunity to give you feedback on tools and products. The Rodeo is advertised and
open to the utilities in California and all those who are willing to travel; which also
gives you the opportunity to meet and make new contacts.
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