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2017 Apprentice Events


There will be a forty four team limit for apprentice events. The team spots will be filled on a first come first served basis until team limits have been reached. Sign ups on the day of the Rodeo will be accepted if there are available spots or no shows.

Apprentice - Each team will consist of two apprentices of any level. Single apprentices may pair up to compete on the day of the Rodeo but no apprentices will be allowed to compete individually.


  • Apprentice Quiz - (View PDF )
  • Hurtman Rescue - (View PDF )
  • Speed Climb - (View PDF )
  • Obstacle Course
  • Conductor Tie-In

Following the “Apprentice Quiz,” teams will be divided into four groups and compete in each of the practical events according to their pre-determined rotation. As each team signs up, they will be assigned to one of the four groups A, B, C, or D. Each one of these groups will have a designated order of events as follows:

Conductor Tie-In Speed Climb Hurtman Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course Conductor Tie-In Speed Climb Hurtman
Hurtman Obstacle Course Conductor Tie-In Speed Climb
Speed Climb Hurtman Obstacle Course Conductor Tie-In

Each group will consist of a maximum of eleven teams. At the start of the Rodeo, all teams will report directly to the “Apprentice Quiz” venue. At the completion of each event they will have 20 minutes to report to their next scheduled event. For Online registration, please click Online Apprentince registration

Thank you, to all of the vendors, who have participated in the past, your participation is very important to the Rodeo. It gives you, the
vendors, the chance to meet with the people who use your products and at the same time it gives the users of your
products the opportunity to give you feedback on tools and products. The Rodeo is advertised and
open to the utilities in California and all those who are willing to travel; which also
gives you the opportunity to meet and make new contacts.